IM VCL Component


IM VCL Component is VCL interface to Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk protocol. It is specially designed for the easy creation of custom Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk system. It is 100% native components for VCL.


  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Send and receive instant messages(Unicode supported) to and from other public IM client via IM Server
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Change IM account status
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Change IM account nickname
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Socks(Socks4,Socks5) proxy server supported
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] Add and remove other client from contact, Allow and block lists
  • [Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk] List,add,remove and modify group
  • [MSN] Messenger IM Control & Presence supported
  • [MSN/Jabber/GTalk] Send and Receive avatar images
  • [MSN/Yahoo] Send and Receive file
  • [MSN] Send and Receive Shake message
  • [MSN] Personal message supported


v21.2 for Delphi 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo


  • 21.2
    [Jabber] Fixed StartTLS problem.
    [ICQ] Fixed old ICQ password 8 chars length limitation.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • 21.0
    [Yahoo] Support new Yahoo protocol.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • 20.1
    [ALL] Delphi XE10.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • 20.0
    [ALL] Delphi XE7, Delphi XE8 supported.
    [ALL] MSN and Skype component are removed because Microsoft changed protocol policy.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • v12.0
    [ALL] Delphi XE6 supported.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • v11.2
    [ALL] Delphi XE4, Delphi XE5 supported.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • v11.0
    [ALL] Skype supported.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • v10.2
    [ALL] Delphi XE2 supported.
    [ALL] Component 64 bit supported.
    [ALL] Added send/receive typing message.
    [Yahoo] Ignore wrong packet from server.
    [Jabber] Fixed don't get GTalk contacts sometimes.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • v10.0
    [MSN] Added new MSNP2P(file transfer, user display image) protocol in MSNP21.
    [Jabber] Added send and receive file, send end and receive user display image.
    [ICQ] Fixed not login when icq 7.4 relased.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs.
  • v9.5
    [MSN] Upgrade MSN protocol to MSN 2011(MSNP21).
    [MSN] Chat with facebook contacts supported. How-to: Enable Facebook Chat in Messenger 2011 (Wave 4)
    [Yahoo] Fixed not receive message from Pidgin and Trillian.
    [ALL] Support Delphi XE
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs
  • v9.0
    [MSN] Upgrade MSN protocol to MSNP18.
    [MSN] Signing in from multiple places (MPOP) is supported.
    [Yahoo] Upgrade Yahoo protocol to YMSG16.
    [ALL] Merge two branches D7-D2007 and D2009-D2010 source code to one source code what is compatible with all supported compilers. And we don't support D5,D6 from v9.0. You have to download v8.x if you are using D5,D6.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs
  • v8.8
    [Yahoo] Fixed component to new Yahoo message server.
    [Yahoo] Added native VCL Yahoo authorization code. YahooAuth.dll don't need now. Only for Corporate license.
    [ICQ] Added Nickname for login account and buddy.
    [ALL] Fixed some minor bugs
  • v8.5
    [Yahoo] Send/Receive file supported.
    [MSN] fixed get buddy list bug for Delphi 2009.
    [AIM] fixed send offline message bug.
    [Jabber/GTalk] fixed throw exception when big packet.
  • v8.2
    [ALL] Support Delphi 2009
  • v8.0 (Jabber/GTalk v1.0)
    [Jabber/GTalk] Send and receive instant messages(Unicode supported) to and from other publicJabber/GTalk client via Jabber/GTalk Server
    [Jabber/GTalk] Local authentication(Only for Corporate license)
    [Jabber/GTalk] Change IM account status
    [Jabber/GTalk] Add and remove other client from contact, Allow and block lists
  • v7.0
    [ALL] License policy changed
    [ALL] Add local authentication(Only for Corporate license)
    [MSN] Fixed receive/send offline message bug
    [MSN] Added login as invisible
    [ICQ] Fixed get huge buddy list
    [Yahoo] Fixed send offline message bug
  • v6.2
    [ICQ] Update ICQ protocol to the latest version
    [ICQ] Fixed UNICODE message bug
    [ICQ] Support HTML format message
  • v6.0
    [MSN] MSNP15 supported
    [MSN] Messenger IM Control & Presence supported
    [MSN] Personal message supported
    [Yahoo] Change account authentication procedure. No YahooAuth.dll from now.
  • v5.8
    [Yahoo] Yahoo message protocol upgrade to YMSG15.
    [Yahoo] Send/Receive offline message supported.
    [Yahoo] Update Yahoo robot demo.
  • v5.5
    [MSN] Receive file supported.
    [MSN] Receive buddy avatar picture supported.
    [MSN] Update help file.
    [MSN] Update MSN demo.
    [ALL] Fixed some bugs.
  • v5.3
    [MSN] MSN message protocol MSNP9 upgrade to MSNP13.
    [MSN] Added Send/Receive MSN offline message.
    [MSN] Added MSN chat session.
    [MSN] Added Invite MSN buddy into MSN chat session
    [ALL] Fixed some bugs.
  • v5.2
    [MSN] Added sending MSN instant message with font format.
    [MSN] Added OnReceiveBuddyList event in MSN.
    [ICQ] Fixed memory leak in ICQ.
  • v5.0
    [MSN] Fixed Unicode message bugs.
    [Yahoo] Changed dynamatic load YAHOO authorization DLL.
    [ALL] Changed MSN/AIM/ICQ authorization DLLs to Delphi base. MSN/AIM/ICQ messenger component is really native VCL component now.
  • v4.2
    [MSN] MSN Shake message supported.
    [MSN] Fixed MSN avatar image don't show in window live messenger v8.0
  • v4.0
    [ICQ] ICQ protocol supported.
  • v3.6
    [MSN] Fixed authentication MSN account fail when first login.
    [Yahoo] Fixed some bugs in YAHOO client component.
    [ALL] Updated the latest OpenSSL library.
  • v3.2
    [MSN] Display MSN avatar images supported.
    [MSN] Send file to MSN buddy supported.
    [ALL] Socks(Socks4,Socks5) proxy server supported.
  • v3.0
    [ALL] Fixed throw "Runtime error 216." sometimes when IDE exit.
    [ALL] Fixed throw exception "Connection Closed Gracefully." in D5,D6.
  • v3.0
    [ALL] AIM protocol supported.
  • v2.0
    [ALL] YAHOO protocol supported.
  • v1.0
    [ALL] Initial version released.