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IM(AIM+ICQ+Jabber) VCL Component

License Information
  • Standard version include all function of the component without source code.
  • Professional version include all source code of the component.
  • Individual license copy of this software may either be used by a single developer who uses the software personally on one or more computers.
  • Corporate license allows you to use this software on all personal computers of one location (city) of a company. If your company has a branch in another location (city), you need additional licenses.
  • Global license allows all branches of a global corporation to use this software.
  • Upgrade (Paid version): When you order Bricksoft product, you receive the current shipping version. We offer free upgrade for one year. You also get free access to further minor updates containing mostly bug fixes after one year. If at a later time we release a new major version, you can upgrade to it by paying. Of course we will give you a discount.
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