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IM VCL Component

IM VCL Component is VCL interface to Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk protocol. It is specially designed for the easy creation of custom Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk system. It is 100% native components for VCL.
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IM COM SDK is a Win32 COM component that can be used to make Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk clients really quickly. It encapsulates all of Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk protocol. It provides easy to use events and methods to allow any number of clients to easily and quickly be built in any Win32 development environment.
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IM SDK For .NET Framework/.NET Compact Framework provide connectivity with the Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/Jabber/GTalk Messenger service. The library is built in C# and can therefore be used by all languages the .NET environment supports.
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